INGENIA series embodies a longtime experience in acoustics, mechanics, power electronics and DSP programming, combined with talent and intuition in order to create an unprecedented active speaker: compact, modular, flyable, user-friendly and incredibly smart.

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The INGENIA IG3 T is equipped with 2 premium 10″ low frequency transducers and 1 1.4″compression driver.

All models of the series are designed to work individually, but they can also be coupled by simply turning one speaker upside down and placing it upon the other one.

Thanks to infrared technology, INGENIA detects the presence of a second speaker, and an onboard-configuration wizard automatically sets up the system in order to ensure the best coverage and acoustic coherence.

INGENIA’s horn design is horizontally symmetric and vertically asymmetric: this way, horizontal dispersion is wide and constant while vertical dispersion is narrow in the upper part and wider in the lower part. Thanks to such feature, when 2 Ingenias are coupled high frequencies add up avoiding any interferences. In addition to that, a sophisticated digital steering function process each way of the speaker in order to adjust the dispersion without moving the box. As a result, the whole audience enjoys a perfect intelligibility.

Users can easily control the system through an intuitive OLED display. In fact, behind the simple interface runs a cutting-edge processing which manages mix, coverage steering, EQs  levels and imput devices.

.INGENIA can be easily and safely coupled through a  LP-IG accessory  which fits all the 4 INGENIA models. Moreover, feet and recessions on the top and the bottom of the enclosure ensure the speakers to be perfectly aligned, avoiding any incorrect setup operation.

Ingenia DRK-IG flybar adapts to all the speakers of the series allowing to fly coupled speakers in a vertical array.


Technical Data 
Speaker Type                                        2-Way Active Speaker
Acoustical data 
Frequency Response [-10dB]            53 – 20.000 Hz
Frequency Response [-6dB]              57- 19.200 Hz
Max SPL                                                132 dB
HF                                                          1.4″
HF Voice Coil                                        3”
Directivity (HxV)                                110 x 90° (+20°/- 70°)
HF Type                                                Neodymium compression driver
Horn                                                      Vertical asymmetric
Crossover Frequency                          1100 Hz
LF                                                           2×10”
LF Voice Coil                                        2.5″
LF Type                                                 Neodymium
Amp Technology                                Digipro® G3
Amp Class                                           Class-D
Peak Power                                          1800 W
RMS Power                                         900 W
User Interface                                    OLED display + rotative knob w/switch
Self-rotating display                           Yes
Positioning                                          EPD (Element Position Detection)
Display Mirroring                                Yes
Controller                                            DSP 56 bit
AD/DA Converter                              24bit/48kHz
System Presets                                    Factory presets + User defined
Limiter                                                  Dual Active Peak, RMS, Thermal
DSP Processing                                  FIR Linear Phase
Signal Input                                        1 x Combo IN (XLR + Jack 6.3mm)
Signal Out                                            1 x XLR link OUT
USB connector                                    Yes – mini USB
Housing                                              Polypropylene PP reinforced
Grille                                                    FULL /Invisible screws
Flyable                                                 Yes
Handles                                                 1x on top / 1x on bottom
Pole Mount                                          Yes
Width                                                  280 mm (11.02 in)
Height                                                806 mm (31.73 in)
Depth                                                  393 mm (15.47 in)
Weight                                                20.8 Kg (45.86 lbs.)


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