9W LED Down light

LED panel ceiling lights, special for indoor use, simple, representative, combine modern spaces with modern lighting fixtures.

$12.00 +GST


9W LED Downlight, slim design.

Technical Parameter:

Input voltage AC220V-240V
Frequency range 50Hz-60Hz  






Total harmonic distorsion ≤5%
Power factor ≥0.8
LED Working voltage DC27-42V
LED quantity 18PCS.
LED consumption 18X0.5W
System consumption 55.63 lm/W
LED luminous efficiency 55-60 LM/W
LED luminous Warm white (2893K)
Lamp’s efficiency >84%  






Average illuminance Altura(height) 1M



Altura(height) 2M


Altura(height) 3M


Illuminance area Altura(height) 1M


Altura(height) 2M




Altura(height) 3M




Illuminance uniformity >0.70
Color temperature Warm white 2800-3000K
Color rendering index WW Ra=70.3
PW/CW Ra=70.3
Light distribution
Light design LED
LED Junction temperature ≤60 ºC
Working temperature -25+75 ºC
Storage temperature -25+75 ºC
IP Grade IP9
Working life-span >30,000H  






Connect wire Brown L
Blue N
Color of lamp shell White
Certificate SAA
Beam angle 120º
Lamp weight : N.W. 265g
Lamp packing dimension 18.5X2.8X15.5cm
numberSAA SAA131026EA
Name company and address of the certificate and normatives