DSW Electronics create comfortable smart homes
that hold hand with mordent day technology for your comfort.
  • Location

    DSW Electronics is a private company based in Auckland, New Zealand which provides guidance solutions and services throughout New Zealand. We have served numerous numbers of Kiwis and Maoris to make their life easier by using our services.

  • Services

    We provide from single residential alarm to entire home automation. Out services including security alarm, access control, CCTV, background music system, home theatre, network establishment, Wi-Fi implementation, broadband connection and VOIP system. We also provide real-time GPS tracking for commercial fleet.

  • Products

    DSW Electronics offers up to date technology services to our customers that provide great functionality and simplicity to have an ease environment. Customers have the option of select amount the huge variety of products that we have or we are more than happy to provide customized solutions for you as well.